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Please see my response below to “George C” and the DRR (the DRR of which has repeatedly refused my comments on their blog to distort and present his/her side)

Unfortunately, the Delaware Republican Record closed the comment section, George C, on your little post stating that my blog comes from the campaign. I’ve actually tried posting there about 5 times put the blogger will not allow me to respond. Now it is completely not possible. So I am responding here since you mentioned Delaware Politics in your post.

First I already have a disclaimer on my by blog stating that I am an independent blogger separate from the campaign. Second, I explained in one of my blogs that I have known her for quite sometime. Third, she or the campaign had no idea about the blog. I’m not 100% sure that the news got to her. It caused quite a buzz on the internet. I’m also not sure if she or the campaign know whose writing it.

I am for certain a conservative Democrat and I voted for Hillary in the primary[I didn’t vote in the general]. I support social welfare programs for disadvantaged children, seniors and those living in extreme poverty. I believe in climate change and that there should be subsidies to allow for a competition for alternative energy. I am opposed to abortion though except in the case of rape or incest. I believe in gay adoption but do not support civil unions. I would also like to say that I have deep Republican roots…as my family are all Republican, but I shifted away ideologically. My views may or may not represent that of Christine’s but I will say that I know Christine. We [Christine and I] may agree to disagree.

Why I support Christine?

I vote based on character and leadership. I vote on who will do the best job. Because I have known her for so long, I know for certain that she will do the best job. As with Christine, I do not see eye to eye with every Democrat, but I think Hillary would have put this country in a much better place than Obama. Obama is a radical extremest Democrat who has jeopardised this nation.

I fear that Castle will continue to vote with him [Radical Extremist Obama] even subtly in amendments. He has voted with Obama 6 out of 10 times this administration. I think Castle has put himself under the radar for too long when he votes and that is dishonest. On my blog I simply highlight that dishonesty, particularly where he has spoken out of both sides of his mouth and aisle cross…such as with the Bush Tax Cuts (which I do support).

George C I hope that this clarifies your concerns. I will be sure to add a blog about what I have just said here since the DRR has refused my comments repeatedly.


Mike Castle is a joker – a joke at that. Elected to Congress in 1992, he solemnly swore to uphold the constitution. Then to his party he put the ring on his finger and said, “until death due us part I will uphold the Republican platform.”  Now, I’m no Republican, but I know the signs of infidelity, and he has committed such an act against his own party.

Here are the signs:

(1) Mike Castle begins to sleep around with the other camp, the most extreme liberal democrats of them all. He votes  for the Wall Street Bail Out, Auto Bailout, Obama Stimulus package (for the discretionary funding), 2nd Obama stimulus package, and the job stripping Cap and Trade spending bill that will completely burden Delawareans in their energy bills. He even authors and co-sponsors anti-gun legislation and votes against the First Amendment.  OMG I still haven’t gotten all the way back to 1993…that’s just barely 2009-2010. Maybe in another post….

(2) Mike Castle, doesn’t come home *some* nights. Well only when he wants campaign contributions or  when he begs for the Republican nomination. “Oh please honey, I promise I will vote with the party this time.”

(3) Mike Castle then lies about his whereabouts when it comes to campaign season. “Well, I didn’t exactly vote this way, but I voted for this amendment, but not against this one. Actually there was no debate, so I secretly voted here, but it was okay because 11 other Republicans voted with me.”

(4) Ultimately, it all leads to a divorce – There’s been talk of Castle changing parties once he gets elected. Change of party or no change of party, he still sleeps with the radical extreme liberals.

(5) But let’s not forget it’s a 3-some. He’s married to Wall Street too and the financial industry. After all the Banks are the number 1 industry in Delaware. But I’m sure Wall Street is sleeping with Coons too in campaign contributions.  It’s a win-win situation.

Unlike Mike Castle and Chris Coons, I can assure you Christine O’Donnell is chaste and pure to her Republican roots and committed to the Constitution. She is a true conservative, and not one to bow down to Wall Street or K Street.  She is an honest person who wants to get our country out of the mess that Mike Castle, Obama, Pelosi, and Harry Reid have put us in. She will be a breath of fresh air, and a pioneer in getting the corruption out of Washington.

Disclaimer: I am an independent blogger and my views are independent of the O’Donnell campaign. To view official blogs from the O’Donnell campaign please visit

From the Christine O’Donnell Campaign Team:

In our battle for the Delaware US Senate seat long-held by Joe Biden, my liberal opponents, “Republican” Mike Castle and Democrat Chris Coons are two peas-in-a-pod.  They’re career politicians addicted to failed policies.

Coons is a typical left-wing Democrat.  Castle is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican. Politically, they offer not a choice but an echo.

They’re great fans of Obama’s and Reid’s socialist policies, including cap-and-tax, Wall Street and auto company bailouts of, the Disclose Grassroots Gag Order, and the misnamed financial “reform.”

Coons was a major cheerleader for the original $862 billion Stimulus Bill, Castle hypocritically takes credit for Stimulus expenditures in Delaware.

With last week’s $26.1 billion “Stimulus II” – basically a huge payoff to public sector unions – Castle enthusiastically voted for it.  Never one to refuse Nancy Pelosi, when Pelosi says “spend,”  Mike Castle asks “how high?”  Coons is no different – as a rubber-stamp for all things Obama, Coons might have competed to co-sponsor this $26B bailout.

The first Stimulus Bill fueled some of the most outrageous expenditures in American history:  a $71 million study of coked-up monkeys (are monkeys struggling with unemployment?); a $2 million project to collect and study exotic ants; and a $554,000 replacement of windows in a closed Visitor’s Center.

Supposedly designed to create jobs, these big-government boondoggle bills have backfired.   After we were promised that passing the 2009 version would keep joblessness from reaching 8%, we now face a seemingly permanent 9.5% joblessness rate!

We can defeat Michael Castle, and, as one recent Rasmussen Poll suggested, we can also beat Chris Coons.  But to do so, we need your help.

You can strike back against the Pelosi/Reid/Obama agenda and win one for conservative, Constitutional government by donating $20, $50, or even $100 or more.

It’s no secret:  America’s future is at stake. These elections are critical.  Will you do what you can tohelp?

The DE Republican Record is at it again, distorting fact from fiction. On her site she writes:

First, Mike Castle did NOT vote for the 2009 Stimulus Package. The 2009 Stimulus Package included the “Turtle Tunnel” Democratgirl writes about. Click HERE to see the House Roll Call vote on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. You will find Mike Castle under the “NAYS”…….

Second, Castle voted FOR the Bush Tax Cuts. Both in 2001 and in 2003. Click HERE to see Castle’s YEA vote on the 2001 Bush Tax Cut. Click HERE to see Castle’s YEA vote on the 2003 Bush Tax Cut.

Democratgirl4Christine O’Donnell writes, “Of course with any political campaign, there will be the naysayers who try to distract, distort, and misinform the public,” and as we can see from her blog, that is accurate. In fact, it’s one of the few accurate statements on her blog.

MY RESPONSE – BASED ON GOVTRACKS.US, an official voting record site.

(1) You are correct that Castle Voted for the 2001 Bush Tax Cut….BUT he voted against the 2003 Bush Tax Cuts* and you can see his vote here:

He was one of 3 Republicans to voted against.

This entailed cap gains, marriage-tax penalty relief, expansion of the 10% tax bracket, and increases in the child tax credit to $1,000 per qualifying child, and the a new provision in lowering the maximum tax rate

(2) He did deceitfully vote for the funding of the Obama* Stimulus package. In HR 1 (2009) He voted against Amendment 16 which sought to strike the $355 billion in funding for discretionary programs contained in the bill.

You can see his vote here:

NOTE: Castle voted against the first original Bush Tax Cut plan. The second vote which he voted FOR slashed more than half of President Bush’s proposal to reduce taxes from $726 billion to $350 billion. This was a compromise the House made with the Senate and a complete slap in the face to President Bush.

I have heard many accusations and slander over the last couple days on Christine O’Donnell. They are mostly claims that Christine is liar, and has run her entire campaign off lies. Of course with any political campaign, there will be the naysayers who try to distract, distort, and misinform the public.  It can be ugly.

I am not going to get into the nitty gritty details of these campaign distractors. All I will say is that I have seen the phone transcripts between the IRS and Christine stating that the IRS indeed made an error on the tax lien. I will also say that Castle has hired mignons with campaign contributions to purposely disclose, distract, and distort lies about Christine’s finances. Castle has hired outside firms with campaign contributions to even create blogs and write comments on the web. This is dishonest and nasty, messy campaign tactics.  I challenge the naysayers to post and critique Mike Castle’s FEC Report for themselves.

In terms of Christine’s character, I have known her for over 13 years. She is the most sincere, genuine person that I know. Her heart for God and her country is undeniable. She is a strong Catholic with strong work ethics. She has made many sacrifices for the sake of our country. She has sold everything she owns just to run for office. She evens sold her car. Her adage is “Do not grow weary in doing good” and “Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.” I know this to be true of her.  She is very real with people and her life experiences have taught her lessons beyond her years.

I have no doubt about Christine O’Donnell’s integrity and I know unlike her opponent Mike Castle, she will not vote for hidden amendments like the Obama Stimulus package where Castle supported the funding of such outrageous expenditures (like building a tunnel for turtles to cross a FL road). Castle has a record dating all the way back to 1993 where he has been deceitful to Delawareans. He even voted against the Bush tax cuts. I’m not Republican, but it fiscally I am conservative. This is extremely liberal of him to vote against the below major cuts. Is even Republican?

  1. CASTLE VOTED AGAINST Strong pro-growth elements, including lowering the taxation of dividends and capital gains
  2. CASTLE VOTED AGAINST the marriage-tax penalty relief, expansion of the  10% tax bracket, and increases in the child tax credit to  $1,000 per qualifying child.
  3. CASTLE VOTED AGAINST And the provision in lowering the maximum tax rate

Edit: In response to a recent inquiry, please see Castle’s vote on the major 2003 provision. He voted against the original Bush Tax cut plan:

I am a concerned citizen and  a conservative democrat; I am worried about the future of this country just like you. Between the latest stimulus packages, bailouts, healthcare reform, and pork barrel projects (silly expenditures) our country has racked up trillions of dollars of debt. I support social welfare, but spending is out of control. Meanwhile, millions are without jobs and a good majority have foreclosed on their homes.

Mike Castle is a career politician who has contributed to this massacre, slaughter of jobs. He has wreaked havoc on our economy. He is not good for Delaware. He voted 6 out of 10 times with the radical Obama administration (which by the way, I do not support Obama. I voted for Hillary).

Chris Coons is also a career politician. The likes of the two are striking and I would call them both extreme liberals. Here are just some of the similarities.



Mike Castle

Chris Coons









Voted FOR the Job Killing Energy Bill, “Cap and Trade”

SUPPORTS the Job Killing Energy Bill,“Cap and Trade”





GAVE $2.6 MILLION TAXPAYER MONEY to train prostitutes in CHINA to drink responsibly

Paid $360,000 of taxpayer money in lobbying fees to former Senate Senior Staffer