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Shame on you Chris Coons. You challenge O’Donnell to numerous liberal debates, you participate in the University of Delaware’s debate with CNN but you back out of Delaware’s very own historically black university? Bad move.


Apparently, Ginger Gibson at the News Journal and TW at DP are  at again ranting and raving about their latest new “find” on Christine O’Donnell.  Their gossip is of course never-ending —

Yeah so…the Constitutionalist Party nominated Christine O’Donnell to be their candidate. I say props to the girl. I mean, is it a crime for a Republican or a Democrat to announce that they are a constitutionalist? Is it really such a horror to put the constitution first over a party. I thought that Republicans and Democrats are sworn in to uphold the constitution.  Isn’t that the most supreme law of the land?

For the  Gibson / Castle / Coons cult of followers, I thought I would quote the platform of the Constitutionalist Party:

We declare the platform of the Constitution Party to be predicated on the principles of

The Declaration of Independence,
The Constitution of the United States and
The Bill of Rights

According to the original intent of the Founding Fathers, these founding documents are the foundation of our Liberty and the Supreme Law of the Land.

The sole purpose of government, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, is to secure our unalienable rights given us by our Creator. When Government grows beyond this scope, it is usurpation, and liberty is compromised

We believe the major issues we face today are best solved by a renewed allegiance to the original intent of these founding documents.

Now, I would hope every candidate regardless of party would support the Constitutionalist platform. To come against the Constitutionalists is completely UN-AMERICAN and a disgrace to our country.

It should be to so surprise that Christine supports the platforms of the Constitutionalists. She has consistently said she is a Constitutionalist Republican. If Castle can be a radical left wing supposed centrist Republican who has voted consistently against the 1st and 2nd amendments and with the democrats, then why in the world can’t Christine claim to believe in the Constitution and still vote with the Republicans?

It seems a bit wicked, really of Ginger Gibson and TW to frown upon Christine and the Constitutionalists. It otherwise wouldn’t have been such a big deal.

My fellow blogger Tennessee Walker from Delaware Politics claims that Ms. O’Donnell opposes Delaware’s Lax Corporation Laws based off an email blast sent from the O’Donnell campaign.  He makes the assumption that Christine O’Donnell is attacking Del. Corporation laws itself for being “lax”.  TW remarks, “This position is shared by Chuck Shumer of New York and other Liberal Politicians”.

I have read this email blast in its entirety, and TW only highlights ONE quote (originating from the American Spectator)  that was captured in the email blast.

Because of its lax regulations and corporate governance laws, more than 50 percent of all publicly traded companies in the United States, including 63 percent of Fortune 500 companies have made Delaware their “legal” home,according to the state’s website. The same is true with the banking industry.

First, looking at this quote alone, it simply is a matter of fact. The regulations ARE lax so that 63% of Fortune 500 companies CAN call Delaware home.   Honestly, I don’t see what’s wrong with calling the regulations “lax”? The term “lax” here is not derogatory. Obviously it is assumed by TW to be negative.

I doubt that Christine is opposed to the lax regulation. She doesn’t say one way or the other by quoting this quote. It’s a State issue.


TW is taking this blast out of context and cherry picking. Any educated person can get the gist of the main idea in just the email blast heading itself:  “Reid to push for climate change in lame duck session. Castle could vote for Cap & Trade again!” Of course no one would know what the nature of the email blast was about with just using ONE quote – a quote that had nothing to do with the key point. Never once did TW bring up Cap and Tax or what Cap and Tax had to do with the banking industry.

The point was that Castle is likely to vote for Cap & Trade not only because of his prior vote for it, but be because he is being courted by the banking industry, whom he treats very favourably with due respect to making Delaware their home.

“Why is this a problem?”  the blast says:

According to the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Tom Borelli says, [this legislation] would lead to “the creation of the largest commodity market in the world.”  The Commodities Futures TradingCommission estimates a $2-trillion futures market would be created. This would be larger than the futures market for oil and gas.

There is nothing wrong with making Deleware home for the banking industry especially since 20% of the revenue does come from these corporations. However, there is obviously a vested interest here for Castle to vote on Cap and Trade to benefit the pocket of the banking industry, and Castle’s own campaign pocket at the expense of Delawareans themselves.

I quote from the email blast:

“Three of Castle’s top five contributors have been from the banking industry — MBNA Corp (acquired by Bank of America in 2006), Bank of America and Morgan Stanley. And 10 of his top 20 contributors were banking firms.”

It’s a no brainer for those who are competent in reading comprehension.

The Conservative Tea Party Paper even quotes the American Spectator article because, unlike TW, they got the gist of O’donnell’s email blast and they go further to explain the dangers…

The American Spectator reports: “One of the key storylines…would be the swearing in of the winner of the special election.” The winner will be sworn in immediately. “… And if cap-and-trade comes up during the session, there’s a historical precedent showing how Castle would vote.”

His continued support for this job-stripping cap and tax energy bill would dangerously burden the standard of living for all Delawareans and Americans.  His vote for cap-and-trade would raise the costs of energy by an estimated $2,000 per family.

By 2030, low-income families in Delaware (with an average income of $12,945) will spend up to 19.2% of their income on energy under Cap and Trade.  By 2035 Delaware residents will see their electricity prices rise by $1,064.41 per household.  Estimates are that cap-and-tax would cost thousands of jobs in Delaware by 2012.

So there folks, you have it….another twisted stunt to misrepresent the case for Christine O’Donnell for US Senate.

Please see my response below to “George C” and the DRR (the DRR of which has repeatedly refused my comments on their blog to distort and present his/her side)

Unfortunately, the Delaware Republican Record closed the comment section, George C, on your little post stating that my blog comes from the campaign. I’ve actually tried posting there about 5 times put the blogger will not allow me to respond. Now it is completely not possible. So I am responding here since you mentioned Delaware Politics in your post.

First I already have a disclaimer on my by blog stating that I am an independent blogger separate from the campaign. Second, I explained in one of my blogs that I have known her for quite sometime. Third, she or the campaign had no idea about the blog. I’m not 100% sure that the news got to her. It caused quite a buzz on the internet. I’m also not sure if she or the campaign know whose writing it.

I am for certain a conservative Democrat and I voted for Hillary in the primary[I didn’t vote in the general]. I support social welfare programs for disadvantaged children, seniors and those living in extreme poverty. I believe in climate change and that there should be subsidies to allow for a competition for alternative energy. I am opposed to abortion though except in the case of rape or incest. I believe in gay adoption but do not support civil unions. I would also like to say that I have deep Republican roots…as my family are all Republican, but I shifted away ideologically. My views may or may not represent that of Christine’s but I will say that I know Christine. We [Christine and I] may agree to disagree.

Why I support Christine?

I vote based on character and leadership. I vote on who will do the best job. Because I have known her for so long, I know for certain that she will do the best job. As with Christine, I do not see eye to eye with every Democrat, but I think Hillary would have put this country in a much better place than Obama. Obama is a radical extremest Democrat who has jeopardised this nation.

I fear that Castle will continue to vote with him [Radical Extremist Obama] even subtly in amendments. He has voted with Obama 6 out of 10 times this administration. I think Castle has put himself under the radar for too long when he votes and that is dishonest. On my blog I simply highlight that dishonesty, particularly where he has spoken out of both sides of his mouth and aisle cross…such as with the Bush Tax Cuts (which I do support).

George C I hope that this clarifies your concerns. I will be sure to add a blog about what I have just said here since the DRR has refused my comments repeatedly.

Mike Castle is a joker – a joke at that. Elected to Congress in 1992, he solemnly swore to uphold the constitution. Then to his party he put the ring on his finger and said, “until death due us part I will uphold the Republican platform.”  Now, I’m no Republican, but I know the signs of infidelity, and he has committed such an act against his own party.

Here are the signs:

(1) Mike Castle begins to sleep around with the other camp, the most extreme liberal democrats of them all. He votes  for the Wall Street Bail Out, Auto Bailout, Obama Stimulus package (for the discretionary funding), 2nd Obama stimulus package, and the job stripping Cap and Trade spending bill that will completely burden Delawareans in their energy bills. He even authors and co-sponsors anti-gun legislation and votes against the First Amendment.  OMG I still haven’t gotten all the way back to 1993…that’s just barely 2009-2010. Maybe in another post….

(2) Mike Castle, doesn’t come home *some* nights. Well only when he wants campaign contributions or  when he begs for the Republican nomination. “Oh please honey, I promise I will vote with the party this time.”

(3) Mike Castle then lies about his whereabouts when it comes to campaign season. “Well, I didn’t exactly vote this way, but I voted for this amendment, but not against this one. Actually there was no debate, so I secretly voted here, but it was okay because 11 other Republicans voted with me.”

(4) Ultimately, it all leads to a divorce – There’s been talk of Castle changing parties once he gets elected. Change of party or no change of party, he still sleeps with the radical extreme liberals.

(5) But let’s not forget it’s a 3-some. He’s married to Wall Street too and the financial industry. After all the Banks are the number 1 industry in Delaware. But I’m sure Wall Street is sleeping with Coons too in campaign contributions.  It’s a win-win situation.

Unlike Mike Castle and Chris Coons, I can assure you Christine O’Donnell is chaste and pure to her Republican roots and committed to the Constitution. She is a true conservative, and not one to bow down to Wall Street or K Street.  She is an honest person who wants to get our country out of the mess that Mike Castle, Obama, Pelosi, and Harry Reid have put us in. She will be a breath of fresh air, and a pioneer in getting the corruption out of Washington.

Disclaimer: I am an independent blogger and my views are independent of the O’Donnell campaign. To view official blogs from the O’Donnell campaign please visit

Okay – I’m a bit outraged by the smears made by Mike Castle supporters against Christine O’Donnell. Even if some of the claims were true (which they are not) so what?

I have seen Mike Castle’s financial record. Not only is he a multi-millionaire, he is a” money grubbing ethics challenged scum-bag” who courts the financial industry. He’s married to Wall Street and has an affair with the  Obama-Reid-Pelosi democrats.

To me that outweighs Christine missing a mortgage payment or falsely being accused of an erroneous tax lien. It’s petty politics and a distraction to both campaigns. Further,  it seems to me that Mike Castle is hiding behind his mignons. Many of whom are paid with taxpayer contributions to dirty Christine’s name all over the blog and comment sections. He has hired firms with campaign contributions to do this.

Come on Mike Castle get to the real issues. Answer to the charges you have been accused of by O’Donnell and even Chris Coons. Even the Dems are making arguments that you voted with them in overspending. OMG, how shocking?

Roll with the Punches

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have had bloggers attack my mother and call me and my mother a liar because we understand what it means to struggle financially . Castle supporters simply want to tag everyone as a “Liar” who support Christine O’Donnell. This is just an all new low for  Mike Castle mignons to say.  Slandering a poor girl in DE is not how you win a race.

Again Mike Castle and his supporters fail to address real issues that matter most to Delawareans. I’m concerned about jobs and the economy. What does Mike castle say about that besides spending money that we don’t have and taxing poor people like myself in a recession?

You know, my mother worked hard to earn her education. Like many Americans, she too was not able to pay off her education right away..  Thus, she was not awarded the piece of paper to say that she had officially graduated and paid all dues. It took my mother years to pay off her school loans but she did it.

Likewise, Christine has paid off every cent of her student loans. O’Donnell is debt free and she can relate to people like my mother, struggling to make it through tough economic times.  She is able to budget her own checkbook. She knows when to spend and when not to spend. She knows about the big financial industry who courts Mike Castle.

Mike Castle on the other hand, has  some serious financial reconciling to do. Mike Castle voted against balancing the budget in 10 years (H.Amdt. 75 to H. Con. Res 85 – 2009) This bill would have saved our great country trillions of dollars. People are quick to point the finger at Christine, but three fingers go back at Mike Castle. But I guess a multi-millionaire has no concept of cutting back and saving.