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Mike Castle has done it again!  He snubs ABC Philly, Channel 6 and he refuses to debate Ms. O’Donnell. This time around though he made a risky move that could cost him dearly; it could make him “political toast”.

Now, all of Delaware will know that Castle does not care about Delaware.

Ms. O’Donnell still was given a platform though which I hope she will accept. The taped piece will air the Delaware Republicans Federal Candidates debate on Sunday September 5th at 11:30 am with all candidates who accepted the invitation including Glen Urquhart and Michele Rollins.


Apparently, Ginger Gibson at the News Journal and TW at DP are  at again ranting and raving about their latest new “find” on Christine O’Donnell.  Their gossip is of course never-ending —

Yeah so…the Constitutionalist Party nominated Christine O’Donnell to be their candidate. I say props to the girl. I mean, is it a crime for a Republican or a Democrat to announce that they are a constitutionalist? Is it really such a horror to put the constitution first over a party. I thought that Republicans and Democrats are sworn in to uphold the constitution.  Isn’t that the most supreme law of the land?

For the  Gibson / Castle / Coons cult of followers, I thought I would quote the platform of the Constitutionalist Party:

We declare the platform of the Constitution Party to be predicated on the principles of

The Declaration of Independence,
The Constitution of the United States and
The Bill of Rights

According to the original intent of the Founding Fathers, these founding documents are the foundation of our Liberty and the Supreme Law of the Land.

The sole purpose of government, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, is to secure our unalienable rights given us by our Creator. When Government grows beyond this scope, it is usurpation, and liberty is compromised

We believe the major issues we face today are best solved by a renewed allegiance to the original intent of these founding documents.

Now, I would hope every candidate regardless of party would support the Constitutionalist platform. To come against the Constitutionalists is completely UN-AMERICAN and a disgrace to our country.

It should be to so surprise that Christine supports the platforms of the Constitutionalists. She has consistently said she is a Constitutionalist Republican. If Castle can be a radical left wing supposed centrist Republican who has voted consistently against the 1st and 2nd amendments and with the democrats, then why in the world can’t Christine claim to believe in the Constitution and still vote with the Republicans?

It seems a bit wicked, really of Ginger Gibson and TW to frown upon Christine and the Constitutionalists. It otherwise wouldn’t have been such a big deal.

Hell yeah!!!!!!

Christine got approximately the same number of votes as the McCain-Palin ticket (~35%) and this gives her name recognition and the base to run this race and win.  It would be like if Palin or Hillary ran all over again.I am confident that one of them would win. The odds are certainly there for this Palin-Bachmann-Hillary Dynamo, Christine O’Donnell.

Here’s what Steve Maloney has to say: “In 2008, against Joe Biden, who spent $5 million, Christine got 140,509 votes, 35,000 more than anyone had polled against Biden. Can she get 20,000 to win the GOP Primary? I believe she will get as many as 24,000. We are reaching out to every Delaware voter and not just Republicans, although they’re the key to 9/14”.

Besides only needing  20,000 votes to win the Primary, Christine has the support base, the momentum, the tenacity, and even last month’s polling that blew everyone out of the water showing Christine ahead in the General polls against Coons  (by single digits) with Castle’s numbers dropping.  This proves that Christine is worth a shot and worth fighting for.

This blog is in response to John S, commenting on the Other McCain Blog. I have seen other comments such as these on other blogs so I seek to address this question.

I have heard many accusations and slander over the last couple days on Christine O’Donnell. They are mostly claims that Christine is liar, and has run her entire campaign off lies. Of course with any political campaign, there will be the naysayers who try to distract, distort, and misinform the public.  It can be ugly.

I am not going to get into the nitty gritty details of these campaign distractors. All I will say is that I have seen the phone transcripts between the IRS and Christine stating that the IRS indeed made an error on the tax lien. I will also say that Castle has hired mignons with campaign contributions to purposely disclose, distract, and distort lies about Christine’s finances. Castle has hired outside firms with campaign contributions to even create blogs and write comments on the web. This is dishonest and nasty, messy campaign tactics.  I challenge the naysayers to post and critique Mike Castle’s FEC Report for themselves.

In terms of Christine’s character, I have known her for over 13 years. She is the most sincere, genuine person that I know. Her heart for God and her country is undeniable. She is a strong Catholic with strong work ethics. She has made many sacrifices for the sake of our country. She has sold everything she owns just to run for office. She evens sold her car. Her adage is “Do not grow weary in doing good” and “Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.” I know this to be true of her.  She is very real with people and her life experiences have taught her lessons beyond her years.

I have no doubt about Christine O’Donnell’s integrity and I know unlike her opponent Mike Castle, she will not vote for hidden amendments like the Obama Stimulus package where Castle supported the funding of such outrageous expenditures (like building a tunnel for turtles to cross a FL road). Castle has a record dating all the way back to 1993 where he has been deceitful to Delawareans. He even voted against the Bush tax cuts. I’m not Republican, but it fiscally I am conservative. This is extremely liberal of him to vote against the below major cuts. Is even Republican?

  1. CASTLE VOTED AGAINST Strong pro-growth elements, including lowering the taxation of dividends and capital gains
  2. CASTLE VOTED AGAINST the marriage-tax penalty relief, expansion of the  10% tax bracket, and increases in the child tax credit to  $1,000 per qualifying child.
  3. CASTLE VOTED AGAINST And the provision in lowering the maximum tax rate

Edit: In response to a recent inquiry, please see Castle’s vote on the major 2003 provision. He voted against the original Bush Tax cut plan: