I am a conservative Democrat.  I am ashamed of Mike Castle and Chris Coons. They are bad for Delaware and bad for America. This blog discusses the case for Christine O’Donnell for US Senate. I started this blog because I am frustrated with the establishment of the good old boy system.

A deal has been cut. It is assumed that Mike Castle is the clear winner of this Delaware Senate Race. But I believe in miracles, the miracle of a phenomenal citizen politician being elected to US Senate. Christine O’Donnell is an all around American;  a Reagan – Palin – Bachmann – Clinton dynamo who has struggled financially through hard economic times, worked diligently to complete a college degree and pay off university loans,  and is completely debt free. She comes from a very politically diverse, hardworking family of six. This is an American who has lobbied Congress at a grassroots level and who has represented real conservative values. Christine O’Donnell knows how Washington works and how Washington should work. She understands everyday Delawareans. Unlike her opponents, she is not a multi-millionaire who courts Wall Street and extreme liberal radicals like Obama and Harry Reid.

I also felt to start this blog in response to Ginger Gibson’s so-called report on Christine O’Donnell and the blogs posted by DelawareTomorrow and Delaware Republican Record. Over the next several days, I will present the case for Christine O’Donnell because I have weighed the evidence as a conservative Democrat. I believe she is Delaware’s Best for US Senate.

Disclaimer: I am an independent blogger concerned about the future of Delaware. My views may not be the views of the O’Donnell campaign. If you would like to see official blogs from the O’Donnell campaign please visit http://www.christine2010.com.