Castle snubs the ABC debate forum with Ms. O’Donnell

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Delaware Politics, The Palin-Bachmann-Clinton Dynamo-Christine O'Donnell

Mike Castle has done it again!  He snubs ABC Philly, Channel 6 and he refuses to debate Ms. O’Donnell. This time around though he made a risky move that could cost him dearly; it could make him “political toast”.

Now, all of Delaware will know that Castle does not care about Delaware.

Ms. O’Donnell still was given a platform though which I hope she will accept. The taped piece will air the Delaware Republicans Federal Candidates debate on Sunday September 5th at 11:30 am with all candidates who accepted the invitation including Glen Urquhart and Michele Rollins.

  1. GeorgeC says:

    This isn’t a risky move, if there was a viable primary candidate there would be a debate.

  2. scupperjoe says:

    fella, you’re an active example of “Epic Fail”. Even Velda Jones-Potter looks better than COD. I was looking forward to 9/15, but now I’m certain you’re the kind of illness that doesn’t go away.

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