“Is she electable?”

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Delaware Politics, The Palin-Bachmann-Clinton Dynamo-Christine O'Donnell

Hell yeah!!!!!!

Christine got approximately the same number of votes as the McCain-Palin ticket (~35%) and this gives her name recognition and the base to run this race and win.  It would be like if Palin or Hillary ran all over again.I am confident that one of them would win. The odds are certainly there for this Palin-Bachmann-Hillary Dynamo, Christine O’Donnell.

Here’s what Steve Maloney has to say: “In 2008, against Joe Biden, who spent $5 million, Christine got 140,509 votes, 35,000 more than anyone had polled against Biden. Can she get 20,000 to win the GOP Primary? I believe she will get as many as 24,000. We are reaching out to every Delaware voter and not just Republicans, although they’re the key to 9/14”.

Besides only needing  20,000 votes to win the Primary, Christine has the support base, the momentum, the tenacity, and even last month’s polling that blew everyone out of the water showing Christine ahead in the General polls against Coons  (by single digits) with Castle’s numbers dropping.  This proves that Christine is worth a shot and worth fighting for.

This blog is in response to John S, commenting on the Other McCain Blog. I have seen other comments such as these on other blogs so I seek to address this question.

  1. GeorgeC says:

    I know you like to pick and choose facts while ignoring others, but at least try to show some objectivity. Christine did about what every Republican in Delaware did. She got killed by Biden, she had more votes because the 2008 election had more voters than any in American History.

    Oh and your beloved poll is utterly irrelevant, Christine is now down 10 points to Coons and 15 points as far as Repbulican support in that poll to Castle. Why don’t you tell people the reality of the situation instead of trying to cherry pick facts to fit a warped opinion.

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