Castle to debate O’Donnell?

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Delaware Politics, Democrat, Naysayers

Why would a closet radical, obama leaning, aisle changer, over-spender Mike Castle DECLINE a sophisticated forum with the darling Ms. O’Donnell, a political talking head who is a seasoned debater?

Some say that Castle is playing his cards straight by not debating her.

Some say that such a debate would legitimise Christine (You’d think??!! Of course she is legitimate. With or without a debate)

Others, say he is just PLAIN SCARED.

My guess is all of the above. Christine is already a viable candidate. Castle would look like an asshole against her and he knows it. But when it comes to Castle playing a “King,” “Queen,” or “Jack,” Christine has an “Ace”. That’s all I have to say.

We’ll see if he so dares to debate her on ABC.  If he doesn’t, wow what an idiot. Bad move King of King RINO’s

  1. GeorgeC says:

    Because she’s uneducated on the issues? Has no chance in the Primary? That, and he’d get bad press battering a young, pretty, yet hopelessly befuddled woman on the issues?

    Could be because her debate strategy would be like yours, immature attacks.

    • I think that you would be pleasantly surprised at how poised, articulate, and educated Christine is on the issues. She did after all work in Washington. She did after all get accepted to the University of Oxford for a graduate summer programme.

      If Castle wanted her to get bad press, it would be counterproductive for him to turn down the debate. You would think that would be his aim.

      I think the person getting bad press here would be clearly Castle for being a “no-show”. It is quite frankly ABC news here and not some small community group he’s turning down. An event that would probably only get covered by Ginger Gibson which doesn’t say a who lot.

      I would hope that ABC are a bit more objective and fair than Ginger Gibson in reporting his decline.

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