Response to Naysayers – I am a Democrat

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Democrat, Liberal Chris Coons, Naysayers, Smears, Uncategorized, Voting Record

Please see my response below to “George C” and the DRR (the DRR of which has repeatedly refused my comments on their blog to distort and present his/her side)

Unfortunately, the Delaware Republican Record closed the comment section, George C, on your little post stating that my blog comes from the campaign. I’ve actually tried posting there about 5 times put the blogger will not allow me to respond. Now it is completely not possible. So I am responding here since you mentioned Delaware Politics in your post.

First I already have a disclaimer on my by blog stating that I am an independent blogger separate from the campaign. Second, I explained in one of my blogs that I have known her for quite sometime. Third, she or the campaign had no idea about the blog. I’m not 100% sure that the news got to her. It caused quite a buzz on the internet. I’m also not sure if she or the campaign know whose writing it.

I am for certain a conservative Democrat and I voted for Hillary in the primary[I didn’t vote in the general]. I support social welfare programs for disadvantaged children, seniors and those living in extreme poverty. I believe in climate change and that there should be subsidies to allow for a competition for alternative energy. I am opposed to abortion though except in the case of rape or incest. I believe in gay adoption but do not support civil unions. I would also like to say that I have deep Republican roots…as my family are all Republican, but I shifted away ideologically. My views may or may not represent that of Christine’s but I will say that I know Christine. We [Christine and I] may agree to disagree.

Why I support Christine?

I vote based on character and leadership. I vote on who will do the best job. Because I have known her for so long, I know for certain that she will do the best job. As with Christine, I do not see eye to eye with every Democrat, but I think Hillary would have put this country in a much better place than Obama. Obama is a radical extremest Democrat who has jeopardised this nation.

I fear that Castle will continue to vote with him [Radical Extremist Obama] even subtly in amendments. He has voted with Obama 6 out of 10 times this administration. I think Castle has put himself under the radar for too long when he votes and that is dishonest. On my blog I simply highlight that dishonesty, particularly where he has spoken out of both sides of his mouth and aisle cross…such as with the Bush Tax Cuts (which I do support).

George C I hope that this clarifies your concerns. I will be sure to add a blog about what I have just said here since the DRR has refused my comments repeatedly.

  1. GeorgeC says:

    So basically what you are saying, is that you are voting for somebody who is not going to support the majority of your positions because of her “leadership.” Might make sense if that person was a good leader, didn’t lie about having a college degree, didn’t have plenty of past employees who can’t stand her, and didn’t have her house foreclosed because she didn’t work.

    This blog’s purpose makes no sense, leadership as a junior member of the Senate is not nearly as important as the votes she’ll be casting, which most of the time will be the opposite of what you support. She’s not going to be shaping policy, she’s going to vote for a Republican Senate Majority leader and toe the party line on everything. It’d make far more sense to start a Democrats against Obama blog.

  2. Right now, I’m concerned about jobs and the economy and my future — including the future of my children’s children [to be]. My personal views on social issues are on the back burner here.

    Spending and taxing through a recession will not create jobs and this is what the radical Obama administration seeks to do. Bush’s plan was tax cuts (which majority were slashed) but did something for my pocket. Obama’s plan is spending what we don’t have. I’m beginning to get very angry with my party because I completely disagree with this giving in to the Obama admin. and going on a obsessive, compulsive spending spree.

    In Delaware, if Castle were elected he would continue this outrageous spending spree that even the Coons camp are arguing. Coons is right on the money on that. But I still feel like Coons talks out of both sides of his mouth because he has openly supported the Obama agenda. AND he has taxed his county to death…That’s the last thing we need in a recession.

    Christine did not lie about graduating…she did ALL of the required course work for her BA. Because she COMPLETED all of her course work she was able to participate in a graduates program at the University of Oxford and major in Constitutional Government at Claremont Graduate University. She provided the proper paper work to attend both programs.

    I’ve met several of her former employers and all of them have raving reviews including Christine’s first boss in Washington, DC. There is only ONE that she had disagreements with…I’ve had over 10 employers and I had one that didn’t like me….so what? It happens…

    And Christine doesn’t work?? That is a bunch of bull crap. All I’ve seen her do my whole life is work… a lot of times pro bono because she cares about this country. In any case, the economy is tough right now — just as with construction work or any contract work it’s shifty. She did miss a few a mortgage payments but it did not foreclose. She legitimately paid off her mortgage. See for the actual document from the mortgage company.

    These are just smears from the other camp that have clogged up your ears from looking at a solid candidate who genuinely cares about people, America, the direction that we are going.

    Right now “politics” aside, I know that she is the best candidate. She has always been a mover and shaker and people just don’t like when their feathers are ruffled.

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