Smears = three fingers pointed back!

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Liberal Chris Coons, Smears, Uncategorized, Wall Street

Okay – I’m a bit outraged by the smears made by Mike Castle supporters against Christine O’Donnell. Even if some of the claims were true (which they are not) so what?

I have seen Mike Castle’s financial record. Not only is he a multi-millionaire, he is a” money grubbing ethics challenged scum-bag” who courts the financial industry. He’s married to Wall Street and has an affair with the  Obama-Reid-Pelosi democrats.

To me that outweighs Christine missing a mortgage payment or falsely being accused of an erroneous tax lien. It’s petty politics and a distraction to both campaigns. Further,  it seems to me that Mike Castle is hiding behind his mignons. Many of whom are paid with taxpayer contributions to dirty Christine’s name all over the blog and comment sections. He has hired firms with campaign contributions to do this.

Come on Mike Castle get to the real issues. Answer to the charges you have been accused of by O’Donnell and even Chris Coons. Even the Dems are making arguments that you voted with them in overspending. OMG, how shocking?


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