Mike Castle married to Wall Street, divorced to Republicans, commits an adulterous affair with Obama-Reid-Pelosi democrats

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Liberal Chris Coons, Uncategorized, Voting Record, Wall Street

Mike Castle is a joker – a joke at that. Elected to Congress in 1992, he solemnly swore to uphold the constitution. Then to his party he put the ring on his finger and said, “until death due us part I will uphold the Republican platform.”  Now, I’m no Republican, but I know the signs of infidelity, and he has committed such an act against his own party.

Here are the signs:

(1) Mike Castle begins to sleep around with the other camp, the most extreme liberal democrats of them all. He votes  for the Wall Street Bail Out, Auto Bailout, Obama Stimulus package (for the discretionary funding), 2nd Obama stimulus package, and the job stripping Cap and Trade spending bill that will completely burden Delawareans in their energy bills. He even authors and co-sponsors anti-gun legislation and votes against the First Amendment.  OMG I still haven’t gotten all the way back to 1993…that’s just barely 2009-2010. Maybe in another post….

(2) Mike Castle, doesn’t come home *some* nights. Well only when he wants campaign contributions or  when he begs for the Republican nomination. “Oh please honey, I promise I will vote with the party this time.”

(3) Mike Castle then lies about his whereabouts when it comes to campaign season. “Well, I didn’t exactly vote this way, but I voted for this amendment, but not against this one. Actually there was no debate, so I secretly voted here, but it was okay because 11 other Republicans voted with me.”

(4) Ultimately, it all leads to a divorce – There’s been talk of Castle changing parties once he gets elected. Change of party or no change of party, he still sleeps with the radical extreme liberals.

(5) But let’s not forget it’s a 3-some. He’s married to Wall Street too and the financial industry. After all the Banks are the number 1 industry in Delaware. But I’m sure Wall Street is sleeping with Coons too in campaign contributions.  It’s a win-win situation.

Unlike Mike Castle and Chris Coons, I can assure you Christine O’Donnell is chaste and pure to her Republican roots and committed to the Constitution. She is a true conservative, and not one to bow down to Wall Street or K Street.  She is an honest person who wants to get our country out of the mess that Mike Castle, Obama, Pelosi, and Harry Reid have put us in. She will be a breath of fresh air, and a pioneer in getting the corruption out of Washington.

Disclaimer: I am an independent blogger and my views are independent of the O’Donnell campaign. To view official blogs from the O’Donnell campaign please visit http://www.christine2010.com.

  1. Castle is for the uneducated says:

    Ha! Only a democrat could write that! Classic! Keep up the good work Democrat Girl!

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