Two Peas-in-a-Pod

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Liberal Chris Coons, Uncategorized, Voting Record, Wall Street

From the Christine O’Donnell Campaign Team:

In our battle for the Delaware US Senate seat long-held by Joe Biden, my liberal opponents, “Republican” Mike Castle and Democrat Chris Coons are two peas-in-a-pod.  They’re career politicians addicted to failed policies.

Coons is a typical left-wing Democrat.  Castle is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican. Politically, they offer not a choice but an echo.

They’re great fans of Obama’s and Reid’s socialist policies, including cap-and-tax, Wall Street and auto company bailouts of, the Disclose Grassroots Gag Order, and the misnamed financial “reform.”

Coons was a major cheerleader for the original $862 billion Stimulus Bill, Castle hypocritically takes credit for Stimulus expenditures in Delaware.

With last week’s $26.1 billion “Stimulus II” – basically a huge payoff to public sector unions – Castle enthusiastically voted for it.  Never one to refuse Nancy Pelosi, when Pelosi says “spend,”  Mike Castle asks “how high?”  Coons is no different – as a rubber-stamp for all things Obama, Coons might have competed to co-sponsor this $26B bailout.

The first Stimulus Bill fueled some of the most outrageous expenditures in American history:  a $71 million study of coked-up monkeys (are monkeys struggling with unemployment?); a $2 million project to collect and study exotic ants; and a $554,000 replacement of windows in a closed Visitor’s Center.

Supposedly designed to create jobs, these big-government boondoggle bills have backfired.   After we were promised that passing the 2009 version would keep joblessness from reaching 8%, we now face a seemingly permanent 9.5% joblessness rate!

We can defeat Michael Castle, and, as one recent Rasmussen Poll suggested, we can also beat Chris Coons.  But to do so, we need your help.

You can strike back against the Pelosi/Reid/Obama agenda and win one for conservative, Constitutional government by donating $20, $50, or even $100 or more.

It’s no secret:  America’s future is at stake. These elections are critical.  Will you do what you can tohelp?


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