Roll with the Punches

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have had bloggers attack my mother and call me and my mother a liar because we understand what it means to struggle financially . Castle supporters simply want to tag everyone as a “Liar” who support Christine O’Donnell. This is just an all new low for  Mike Castle mignons to say.  Slandering a poor girl in DE is not how you win a race.

Again Mike Castle and his supporters fail to address real issues that matter most to Delawareans. I’m concerned about jobs and the economy. What does Mike castle say about that besides spending money that we don’t have and taxing poor people like myself in a recession?

You know, my mother worked hard to earn her education. Like many Americans, she too was not able to pay off her education right away..  Thus, she was not awarded the piece of paper to say that she had officially graduated and paid all dues. It took my mother years to pay off her school loans but she did it.

Likewise, Christine has paid off every cent of her student loans. O’Donnell is debt free and she can relate to people like my mother, struggling to make it through tough economic times.  She is able to budget her own checkbook. She knows when to spend and when not to spend. She knows about the big financial industry who courts Mike Castle.

Mike Castle on the other hand, has  some serious financial reconciling to do. Mike Castle voted against balancing the budget in 10 years (H.Amdt. 75 to H. Con. Res 85 – 2009) This bill would have saved our great country trillions of dollars. People are quick to point the finger at Christine, but three fingers go back at Mike Castle. But I guess a multi-millionaire has no concept of cutting back and saving.

  1. Jason says:

    It takes real courage to write what you did. Thank you for that. America is made up of so many stories like these, and that should be celebrated, not ridiculed. It took me ten years for finish my degree, but I did it! I did it that way, because I worked my way through it while raising a family. Christine’s story makes her even more real to me, and quite honestly that is EXACTLY the kind of person that I want representing me in the US Senate. I don’t need anymore of the blue blood entitlement candidates; I want the blue collar kind for a change. I choose Christine O’Donnell.

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  3. scupperjoe says:

    You seem to moderate my comments out. Hmmm. So who are you? A freelance journalist released from ABC television network? So come out! Be proud to support Christine. My name is Joe Cass, I’ve nothing to hide, just a future to forge.

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