Naysayer Delaware Republican Record FALSELY reports Mike Castle’s Votes

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Naysayers, Smears, Uncategorized, Voting Record

The DE Republican Record is at it again, distorting fact from fiction. On her site she writes:

First, Mike Castle did NOT vote for the 2009 Stimulus Package. The 2009 Stimulus Package included the “Turtle Tunnel” Democratgirl writes about. Click HERE to see the House Roll Call vote on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. You will find Mike Castle under the “NAYS”…….

Second, Castle voted FOR the Bush Tax Cuts. Both in 2001 and in 2003. Click HERE to see Castle’s YEA vote on the 2001 Bush Tax Cut. Click HERE to see Castle’s YEA vote on the 2003 Bush Tax Cut.

Democratgirl4Christine O’Donnell writes, “Of course with any political campaign, there will be the naysayers who try to distract, distort, and misinform the public,” and as we can see from her blog, that is accurate. In fact, it’s one of the few accurate statements on her blog.

MY RESPONSE – BASED ON GOVTRACKS.US, an official voting record site.

(1) You are correct that Castle Voted for the 2001 Bush Tax Cut….BUT he voted against the 2003 Bush Tax Cuts* and you can see his vote here:

He was one of 3 Republicans to voted against.

This entailed cap gains, marriage-tax penalty relief, expansion of the 10% tax bracket, and increases in the child tax credit to $1,000 per qualifying child, and the a new provision in lowering the maximum tax rate

(2) He did deceitfully vote for the funding of the Obama* Stimulus package. In HR 1 (2009) He voted against Amendment 16 which sought to strike the $355 billion in funding for discretionary programs contained in the bill.

You can see his vote here:

NOTE: Castle voted against the first original Bush Tax Cut plan. The second vote which he voted FOR slashed more than half of President Bush’s proposal to reduce taxes from $726 billion to $350 billion. This was a compromise the House made with the Senate and a complete slap in the face to President Bush.


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